Links: April 14, 2013

I’m taking a page from NakedCapitalism and introducing a new segment at TheDroneFallacy. From now on, there will be a regular list of “Links” to articles and other media related to drones (Sorry, there won’t be any cute animal pictures accompanying my Links).

Readers will be able to find all and any relevant information regarding drones that has come up between every posting of a “Links” segment, along with the usual commentary by myself and guest posters. Links considered particularly pertinent will be bolded for your convenience. I will no longer be posting articles from other sources as I used to, but if a piece is important enough I may make a separate post about it.

Without further ado, here are the links for today:

Drone War Secrets Leak HuffPost (featuring emptywheel’s own Marcy Wheeler)

Scott Shane Defends the Commander-in-Chief’s Language emptywheel

CIA’s Drone Lies and Congressional Oversight emptywheel

Secret US documents show Brennan’s ‘no civilian drone deaths’ claim was false The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (regarding this crucial McClatchy piece)

A Secret Deal on Drones, Sealed in Blood NYT

Why Did the CIA Stop Torturing and Start Killing? CFR

Targeted Killing Comes to Define War on Terror NYT

How a Single Spy Helped Turn Pakistan Against the United States NYT

After Continued Blow-Off, House Judiciary Requests Awlaki AND Signature Strike Memos emptywheel

Rights Groups, in Letter to Obama, Question Legality and Secrecy of Drone Killings NYT, and commentary from Marcy Wheeler

Three key lessons from the Obama administration’s drone lies Glenn Greenwald

Video: New Navy laser can shoot down drones, is headed for the Persian Gulf WaPo

No Warrant, No Problem: How The Government Can Still Get Your Digital Data ProPublica

White House responds to drone pressure: ‘We will continue to disclose as much as we can’ McClatchy


Google chief urges action to regulate mini-drones BBC


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