Links: April 21, 2013

A Reporter Asked Jay Carney If Air Strikes That Kill Civilians Are ‘Considered Terrorism’ Business Insider

After Airstrike, Afghan Points to C.I.A. and Secret Militias NYT

Ex-Pakistani President Musharraf admits secret deal with U.S. on drone strikes CNN

Transferring CIA Drone Strikes to the Pentagon CFR

Industry: Drones Could Have Helped Boston Marathon Bombing Responders US News

Red Cross chief urges caution over covert drones TBIJ

US Resumes Trend of Drone Attacks on Yemen Common Dreams

Killing Terrorists, Creating More NYT

In Swat Valley, U.S. drone strikes radicalizing a new generation CNN

Drone strikes:

Yemen officials: US drone kills 2 militants AP

Latest reported US strikes: Pakistan April 17 & Yemen April 17 TBIJ

4 ‘militants’ killed in US drone strike in Pakistan The Long War Journal



Israeli official says drones could replace planes Business Week


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