Links Concerning Edward Snowden [part 2]

I expect to continue posting with regards to the Snowden case. This will not take the place of the ongoing discourse about drones, but I would like to point out that drones are only one example of a state policy that cannot remain unchallenged by vigilant citizens. Although, in keeping up with all of the developments concerning drones I have yet to really delve into an ugly history of US imperialism – the context within which policies like drone strikes become possible – it is impossible to ignore the obvious fact that drone strikes are a mere continuation of an existing trend and not an aberration. Expect to see something from me exploring the logic of drone strikes within that history in the near future.

Europe furious, ‘shocked’ by report of U.S. spying CNN

U.S. taps half-billion German phone, internet links in month-report Reuters

Germany prepares to charge UK and US intelligence over fresh bugging allegations Independent

Lawmakers Letter to NSA CommonDreams

NSA collected US email records in bulk for more than two years under Obama Glenn Greenwald

The top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant Glenn Greenwald and James Ball

Government Officials Use The Media To Anonymously Make Case Against Edward Snowden HuffPo

NSA Leaks Are Said to Have Changed the Ways Al Qaeda Talks, but How Much? Atlantic Wire


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